The wine village Caldaro

Gourmet holiday in Oltradige in South Tyrol

If you want to enjoy good wine and delicious food on holiday, then Caldaro in Oltradige is just the right place for you.

On a stroll through the village with its lively market square, there is plenty to discover for watchful visitors.

Pubs & Shops

Many bars and restaurants with different specialties. From a delicious breakfast with fresh bread from the baker next door, to an excellent drop in one of the stylish wine bars. Many small boutiques invite you to stroll and shop. Craftsmanship and stylish fashion line up door to door along the village of Caldaro.


With its historic buildings and curious stories, Caldaro has its very own, incomparable charm. The factions around the village also offer all kinds of things. Explore the many nooks and crannies and let yourself be infected by the joie de vivre of the people of Caldaro.

Enjoying wine 

The largest winery cooperative in South Tyrol is located in Caldaro. The Caldaro Winery invites you to wine tours, where you will be guided through the beautifully decorated cellar with its wine barrels. Wine growers also invite you to their wineries for tastings.


Numerous culinary and wine events await you from spring to autumn in the holiday region of Caldaro. 

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