Panoramic view with style over Lake Caldaro

Enjoy the time out in our apartments

Our house is situated in the middle of vineyards in a very quiet, sunny location at 510 m above sea level, in the fraction Villa di Mezzo - Mitterdorf. From the beautifully situated roof terrace you can enjoy the view of the Lake Caldaro - Kalterer See.

Villa Pernstich is ideally situated for hiking and cycling tours of all kinds and difficulties.

Nature all around

You have the choice: do you prefer a mountain view of the Mendel and Penegal or the beautiful Lake Caldaro? Away from the road (although it is almost exclusively used by residents, so it is very quiet) you can enjoy the sunbathing area and the sun around the saltwater pool undisturbed.

Certified passive house | Villa Pernstich, Caldaro
Passive house with straight lines in Caldaro, in the South of South Tyrol
Modern architecture - roof terrace with view over Lake Caldaro
Straight lines and natural light | Villa Pernstich, Caldaro
Panoramiv view and quiet surroundings at Villa Pernstich, Caldaro
Quiet garden with solar-heated saltwater pool | Villa Pernstich, Caldaro
The architecture - clear demands and straight lines

A clear requirement for the construction was the design as a passive house, i.e. a building whose annual heating requirement is less than 15 kWh/m². 

As an architect only Arch. Michael Tribus came into consideration, since he is a proven specialist in passive houses. We were convinced by the extremely attractive design and interesting architectural solutions.

It was particularly important to us that the future guests could enjoy their well-deserved holiday undisturbed.

In November 2013 our Villa Pernstich was awarded the certificate "quality-tested passive house" by the renowned Passivhaus Dienstleistung GmbH from Darmstadt, Germany.

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